Amazon L1B visa interview from India

Asked my wife to show my i797 and marriage certificate. They verified the same and said your Visa is approved. The very next day got the NIE approval mail and in next few days received the pp with NiE. Today there were a lot of rejects infront of me and I was scared like hell. In hyd consulate, we were able to listen to answers of at least 3-4 guys who are infront of us. When I listened to their answers, I realized their answers lacked clarity of thought.
Have your documents and paperwork in your hands ready for your interview. When your name or number is called, approach the consular officer’s window and begin your interview. Once your medical appointment is complete, the clinic will hand you a sealed envelope. You give this envelope to the US embassy or consular officer on the day of your interview. Some US embassies have a specific list of doctors that you can use.
To avoid delays and ensure a smooth path to your visa, we encourage you to consult with us. There are various key differences between the H1B visa and the L1 visa. Some of those key differences relate to your educational requirements, duration of stay, annual visa limitations, and your employer’s eligibility. l1b vs l1a of these, we discuss in detail below to help you decide if the L1 visa is the right visa for you.
The US company must be a branch office, parent, subsidiary, or affiliate of the foreign company. Prepare well for the interview before the scheduled date. Go through those common L-1 visa interview questions and practice your answers for them. While full-time employment with a U.S. company is mandatory to obtain an L1 visa, once approved, it is not necessary for the employee to maintain full-time working status with the U.S. employer. The employee is allowed to spend a significant portion of their time with the U.S. company while accepting part-time work from other foreign organizations at the same time.
Finally, he stamped my documents and gave them back to me again stating that NIE is also approved. He then spoke to my wife and below were the questions to her. Surprisingly, they took pic for my 5 years old daughter even when I took her pic based on the exact specification.
You must establish that you have earned a U.S. bachelor’s degree related to the current occupational needs. You must be able to prove at least two years of job experience or training, which is not of a temporary or seasonal nature. Before attending the interview, the applicant should compile certain documentation to bring with them to the interview. If you fail to show up for your interview, then you should contact the US embassy as soon as possible.